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Pilate Mat

A method of body conditioning utilizing a unique stretching and strengthening of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates (recommended 2-3 times per week).



A dynamic rebounding class that incorporates low impact with high intensity; a fun way to burn LOTS of calories!  Both safe & effective; heart healthy, great for  the lymphatic system and increased bone density . All ages & levels welcome. JumpSport trampolines with attached barre for safety and booty barre work. (Sneakers recommended)

Ball & Bands

A fusion of balance control and sculpting on the stability ball and mat, featuring increased core strengthening with added band resistance work and flexibility and range of motion training.

Bounce Sculpt

A traditional bounce class that also incorporates advanced elements with weights to build strength and sculpt. Low impact and high intensity!


Cardio Pilates

Upbeat cardio fusion class and whole body workout that incorporates movements off the mat, standing and balancing with resistance. Low impact, high intensity of pilate principles with weights and other props. All levels welcome! 

Adaptive Bounce

Movement therapy group for special needs teens and young adults. This group utilizes personal trampolines to increase cardio endurance, bone density, balance and communication and socialization skills. Additional benefits: improve body image and self-esteem, develop healthy body boundaries for self and others. Small class size (max 6 ppl).



Revitalizes your body and awakens your spirit through seated postures and standing postures designed to reduce back problems and increase joint flexibility and strength (Offered seasonally)


Hot Pilates

Traditional pilate mat class in a heated temp room (80 degrees) for greater flexibility to strengthen and lengthen your core muscles. (Offered seasonally)


Barre Fusion

A high energy program that focuses on strength, flexibility ,stamina and dynamic stability, by combining elements from pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training. This program driven by music has been proven to increase coordination and motivation and improve movement quality (Offered seasonally)


Personal Training sessions available upon request***

Individualized workouts for any level in a 1:1 environment to achieve your own personalized goals. Ideal for new or returning clients or those recovering from injuries or anyone with individualized workout needs. Inquire with Joy directly if interested.

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